Understanding Commercial Ability

Workplace Attitudes & Behaviours

Personal qualities and learned behaviours crucial for success.

What are they?

Workplace attitudes and behaviours include confidence, resilience and professionalism, and entrepreneurialism. These personal qualities and learned behaviours are vital in securing a job, making a successful start, and being effective at work.

Why are they important?

The 2022 CBI Employer Skills survey reveals employers rank workplace attitudes and aptitudes as the key factor when recruiting school leavers or graduates. They believe these attributes are more important than academic attainment, subjects studied, or digital skills - and rank them above literacy, numeracy or relevant work experience

What do they look like?

How people behave at work is important. This may be as simple as respect for colleagues, work-appropriate communication, timekeeping and even attire. At a higher level it can impact on an individual’s ability to self-motivate, adapt to feedback, network or collaborate. Many of these behaviours and attitudes are traits that develop during childhood and education. Others can be nurtured through work experience, as well as targeted training or mentoring throughout a career.

What difference does it make?

There is a dramatic increase in jobs requiring high levels of social interaction. As a result, confidence, motivation, resilience and self-control are vital qualities to ensure academic success, better prospects in the workplace, mental health and wellbeing – as well as commercial success.

Despite its importance, this area receives less funding and development than other aspects. We believe it is a priority. Our aim is to foster closer collaboration between educators, employers and individuals to support it through lifelong learning and scale-up practical interventions that nurture appropriate workplace attitudes and behaviours.

Workplace Attitudes & Behaviours in context:

Commercial Ability Cycle

The Components of Commercial Ability

Commercial Ability is comprised of five inter-dependent and mutually-reinforcing components.

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