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Posted on 27 January 2022

CET’s Latest Research: The key findings

It is now over a year since we at CET commissioned Pye Tait Consultancy to conduct research on our behalf into the feasibility of a commercial education competency framework.

The trustees and advisors are considering the 139 page report completed by Pye Tait Consulting in 2021, and factoring the findings into our discussions on the CET’s future strategy. This work is continuing. However you may have noticed that The Times Education Commission’s interim report published in the Times on 26 January 2022 highlights some of the research’s key findings.

CET has produced a nine-page Synthesis of the findings plus a one-pager entitled ‘Embedding Commercial Ability in UK Life’ which highlights one of the study’s key findings regarding the potential importance of excellent Commercial Ability, as seen by employers.

If you have any feedback on this summary information, or would like a copy of the full report, please contact as at .



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