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Grant Guidelines

Grant Guidelines

Please note that due to the Coronavirus emergency the Trust is reviewing its grant guidelines.  The Trust is unable to accept unsolicited grant concept papers or proposals at the present time.

When services resume to normal, our process is as follows:

Concept papers and full grant applications are reviewed quarterly: we consider proposals in open competition to others we receive. They should be submitted to After review by our Grants and Development Committee (GDC) and if positively received, a recommendation is made to our Trustee Board, which approves all grant awards.

Please do not send concept papers and applications directly to staff.



We welcome concept papers (no longer than 1-3 pages): we are open to more than one concept idea being submitted. We prefer concept papers which are concise, and which explain: what you want to do and why; how you are going to do it; who is going to benefit; how much it is likely to cost (and what you want CET to contribute/what other funders will provide); an outline of how you will measure progress.

There is no particular format for the submission of concept papers.

We play a proactive role in developing projects to achieve maximum impact so if your concept paper is accepted, further questions or a request for a meeting may ensue. You will then be requested to complete our application form and provide other information to the Trust.


Our Application Form must be completed for all applications. You will also be asked to complete a Due Diligence form and provide us with a budget and workplan. Our forms are available upon request:

Please note that at regular intervals and upon completion we expect reports which communicate the results of your monitoring and evaluation. We encourage you to conduct a baseline survey (or collect other relevant information) at the outset of the project so that progress can be assessed.

Please read our Terms and Conditions for further information on what we require.

End of Grant

Even after a grant relationship has been completed, we will want to maintain contact to understand the mid and long-term results of a project it has supported. Please ensure that any costs relating to post-grant assessment are included in your application to us.

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