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Anne Robins

Anne Robins

Anne Robins

Anne Robins is Chairman of a CET Steering Group which oversees a research project into the feasibility of a commercial education competency framework.

Anne was born and educated in Scotland. She graduated with a BSc from Glasgow University and has postgraduate qualifications in education, teaching, and library science. For the first part of her professional life Anne managed projects in Information Technology, mainly with large commercial organisations in the UK and overseas, concluding as an IT Development Director within the Zurich group.

For a further ten years she was Projects Director for Threadneedle Asset Management in the City of London, planning or directing corporate projects, overseas ventures, and other business initiatives, as well as monitoring the total programme of major IT and business projects. During this period she played key roles in the development of Retail and Pensions businesses, handled M&A activity in the UK, and undertook advisory or management roles in business start-ups, acquisitions and disposals in India and Europe.

Anne was a director of Threadneedle Investments Managers Ltd, and also participated in committee work at the IMA and in working groups assessing the impact of major changes to the business environment in the City. In retirement, since that she had some experience of living and working in South Africa, Anne volunteered to assist the Canon Collins Educational Trust for Southern Africa. Later, following her sporting interests, Anne served as a trustee on the West of England Sports Partnership for several years.

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