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About Us

About Us

CET is an independent charity which believes commercial education is essential to the development of young people so they can thrive both at work and within society more widely.

We support programmes which build the knowledge, skills, understanding and capabilities of young people so that they can prepare for employment, self-employment and enterprise. Our goal is to invest in initiatives which help them Learn new skills; successfully Apply these skills to the world of work; and Achieve prosperous and rewarding lives.

We seek to:

  • embed in education (at every level) the means by which people can apply their learning to work;
  • develop commercial awareness and understanding in young people;
  • encourage individuals to be enterprising and innovative;
  • make a positive contribution to the development of effective commercial education and training.

Our values are

  • Integrity

    we encourage an ethical and socially responsible approach to business success

  • Creativity

    we look for new ways of doing things and are ready to embrace change

  • Inclusiveness

    we seek to bring out the best in people regardless of background

  • Partnership

    we believe that by working with others we can deliver more

What we do:

We are an independent charitable trust that makes awards to a range of charitable projects targeted at addressing the skills and enterprise challenges of today. More than £3.5 million has been invested through our grant-making and other activities. We started grant-making in 2002.

Alongside our grant activities we also run an inspirational Commercial Education Lecture series; convene advocates and players in the field of commercial education to special Gatherings; and support the publishing and dissemination of reports relative to our field. Read more in Spotlight on Commercial Education.

In this Section you can find out more about our Governance and Funding, People and History.

To find out more about the projects we have supported please go to Recent Projects. If you are interested in applying to us, please go to What We Fund and How to Apply.

Governance & Funding

Governance & Funding

Commercial Education Trust (CET) is a trading name of London Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI) Commercial Education Trust, registered in England and Wales…... Read more



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Commercial Education Today

Commercial Education Today

The context and how we interpret commercial education is different to over 100 years ago, but the need for commercial education is as strong…... Read more

Our Stakeholders

Our Stakeholders

CET believes a coordinated approach involving a range of stakeholders is required to help young people choose the right career path, to make a…... Read more

What We Fund

What We Fund

IMPORTANT NOTE: The Trust is currently not accepting new proposals for grant support earlier than 2021 other than for projects we are already committed…... Read more


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